So, finally you are here. Welcome to YodaSingh.com. The first obvious question is why the name ‘YodaSingh’? And the obvious answer is that I am a huge fan of Star Wars. Yoda – one of the greatest movie character of all time, and he isn’t even human! Well, also Yoda Singh! Sounds creative and fun.

Currently a Full-Time Graphics Engineer at Qualcomm.

Graphics!! Its a long story and can’t believe its 7 years old now. Well i won’t bore you with how all this happened, but the highlight of the journey was my Master’s in Computer Graphics and Game Technology, at the University of Pennsylvania, I have created this website with the humble aim of displaying my work in Computer Graphics, which include–Physically based rendering, Physics based animation, 3D modeling  and sculpturing,  architectural visualizations, character animation. Yes I can do all that, don’t trust me? Let me walk you through my website:

Lets have a 10000 ft overview of my profile-:

  • Master’s Degree in Graphics [Checked]
  • Path Tracer [Checked]
  • Cool OpenGL Applications [Checked]
  • Physics Simulations [Checked]
  • Work for Animation Studio [Checked]
  • Fun Lighting and Animation tasks in 3D Softwares [Checked]
  • Teaching Assistant [Checked]

Check out other links for more information.


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