GPU programming

Target Driven Smoke

Lip Sync and Facial Animation

This a 30 second animation clip that i created for my final project in facial rigging and animation class.

I would highly recommend downloading the clip to avoid any lag in playback.

Doing Nothing- Valley girl

As all the animators know how hard it is to make their characters “Do Nothing”,

here is my attempt to animate “Doing Nothing”.

Any comments or suggestion would be appreciated.

Facial Rigging and Animation Lip Syncing

This video is a project for my Advanced Project in Animation class.

The Face model was provide course material and the rigging and animation

was done by me. Rigging was done as a combination of blend shapes and

Maya joints. The eyelid and the jaw movement was animated via joints.

This video essentially just has the lip-sync done as i am still working on

adding facial expressions.


Target Driven Smoke Simulation

This is my Final Project for the Physics Based Animation class, here

I and my partner Kristen  plan to implement a target driven smoke

simulator based on Siggraph  paper by Fattal et. al 2004.

Watch the video for more details.